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The List: Fall Packing Essentials

The List: Fall Packing Essentials

The leaves are changing, school's back in session, and there's a slight chill in the air compelling us all to flood the line at Starbucks to snuggle up with a Pumpkin Spice Latte! The change in the weather hasn't slowed you down, though. Here are some of our fave fall packing essentials to make your upcoming travels just a lil bit cozier.

A Yummy Knit Cover Up

Whether it's raining, snowing, or the sun is shining, a stylish, neutral cover up that goes with everything is crucial to keep you cozy this fall. Tote it along on the airplane, which always seems to be notoriously chilly. Visiting ancient sites? You'll need to cover those shoulders and knees, missy! Cinch it together with a statement belt, throw it over a crop top with a colorful necklace, or dress up with slacks and a high neck sweater. Regardless of your travel plans, cover ups are adaptable to nearly any event, which is why it's numero uno on our fall packing essentials list!

We're absolutely obsessed with our Cozy Up Asymmetrical Sweater Coat.

Travel Essentials Cover Up

The Perfect Fall Scarf

Why are scarves God's gift? Well, for one, they can be worn year-round, but of course they become a staple of our everyday style during Fall. We love a pop of color that won't overshadow your getup, which is why our fave is the Boho Travel Scarf w/Tassels. Pair it with faded jeans, or sling it over your shoulders as a stand-in blanket on the plane. And if a blazing sun decides to suddenly rise, wrap it around your hips and find a pool-- stat.

Cozy Fall Travel Scarf

A Go-To Boyfriend Sweater

This one's for the digital nomadistas. Yes, we made that word up. Can you relate? You're working on a deadline and sure your hair is in a disastrous side bun and you don't remember the last time you ate, but hey--why should you look as sloppy as you feel? Enter, the boyfriend sweater. The coziest thing you own that just so happens to look equally as stylish paired with yoga pants as it does with a leather mini, knee socks and chunky black boots. We couldn't create a fall packing essentials list without including the ultimate boyfriend sweater, and luckily we've got the perfect one for you. Readers, meet our cozy and luxe Boyfriend Pullover! Cheers to a lifelong love affair.


Is it even Fall without a beanie?!

Perhaps even more a staple to fall than the famed Pumpkin Spice Latté is a pom-pom beanie. If you don't already have one in your carry-on, or if you do but you want to up your game, you've gotta get your hands on--err-- head in, the PNW Multi-Color Pom Knit Beanie. 

Fall style travel essentials include a pom-pom beanie!

Fall Carry On Essentials 

Your in-flight essentials are just as important as your Fall packing essentials. So don't skimp out if you've got a 14-hour journey in your future. Our fave flying must-have is a travelista staple, and we wouldn't leave home without it! Remember how cold those planes get? Ever needed to pack a towel and a light throw but had to ditch one because you ran out of space? That's why a hybrid towel/blanket is crucial. For ultimate coziness, and a tap on your back for being such a great packer, try our Lightweight Travel Blanket. Is it a blanket? Is it a towel? A scarf? Who knows, but we promise it'll be your new BFF in no time!

Lightweight Travel Blanket Towel


There you have it, folks! Kudos to you for being an expert packer, now that you've made your Fall Packing Essentials list, go out and treat yourself to that Pumpkin Spice Latté! 

Let us know how you style your EE Fall finds on IG with #myeveryescapade. Don't forget to tag us! 

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